Song of Lunch

by Christopher Reid

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Imagine! After 15 years, you meet your old flame again in your favourite restaurant of old times. But not only the restaurant has changed, you too, and what about your former love?

Questions which are in the background of Christopher Reid's Poem "Song of Lunch". It tells the story of a man and a woman, former lovers, which meet again after a long time.

Expecting to read a romantic love story will not be coming up. Instead we get to know a woman, married with a famous writer, lives a glamorous life in Paris. And a man, a publisher, failed in his writing career, hates his mundane job and regrets the end of their affair. And he drinks.

"Song of Lunch" is not only a story, it's a drama, sad, despairing, but also funny.

Your English is not perfect? It doesn't matter. The book is written in a kind of verse, easy to read and maybe, you can use your dictionary, sometimes.

I can really recommend this book. Just read the book and imagine, that "She" is Emma Thompson and "He" is Alan Rickman. Enjoy it!

von happy-ricky