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  • 'I just can’t seem to connect with people. Sure I can hold doors open and smile and be charming, but when it comes to basic relationships I just don’t have it. There’s something wrong with me ...'

    Ted Bundy. .. one of my favorite Quotes of all time.

  • Ich will mich mit fast jedem, bis zum Tod, schlagen. Mein Bedürfniß auf andere 'Männer' einzuschlagen oder die anzuspucken ist schon enorm... Kann nicht aus dem Haus, ohne Streit zu entfachen... Haha.

    Akne und Rosazea liefen Hand in Hand
    über meine zarte Haut
    über unberührtes Land
    und haben es im Streich verbrannt

    Mein Vater spricht zu mir
    liebes Kind glaub jetzt und hier
    die Frau die dich zum Manne nimmt
    ist selber häßlich oder blind

    In den Spiegel seh ich nicht
    ich trag die Fackel im Gesicht
    ich bin einsam doch nicht allein
    Akne und Rosazea werden immer bei mir sein

  • [url='']Lang lebe Kim Jong-Un und die Juche-Ideologie der KDVR[/url

    [i]Einfach ansehen, dann wird klar, wie wunderschön die DVRK ist. Danke Dennis! Deine Bemühungen bleiben unvergessen! Man merkt seine Gefühle, für dieses traumhafte Land. Die KDVR ist der größte Staat aller Zeiten!

    [size=10][font='Times New Roman, Times, Georgia, serif']Schaut es an. LANG LEBE KIM IL-SUNG! Lang lebe die Demokratische Volksrepublik Korea!

  • Keine Sprüche, aber eine kleine Auswahl meiner liebsten Gedichte von Rupi Kaur <3

    what i miss most is how you loved me
    but what i didn't know was how you loved me had so much to do with the person i was
    it was a reflection of everything i gave you
    coming back to me
    how did i not see that
    did i sit here soaking in the idea that no one else would love me that way
    when it was i that taught you
    when it was i that showed you how to fill
    the way i needed to be filled
    how cruel i was to myself
    giving you credit for my warmth simply because you had felt it
    thinking it was you who gave me strength. wit. beauty
    simply because you recognized it
    as if i was already not these things before i met you
    as if i did not remain all these things after you left

    i am a museum full of art
    but you had your eyes shut

    i do not want to have you
    to fill the empty parts of me
    i want to be full on my own
    i want to feel so complete
    i could light a whole city
    and then
    i want to have you
    cause the two of
    us combined
    could set
    it on fire
    (Mein Lieblingsgedicht <3 )

    you cannot leave
    and have me too
    i cannot exist in
    two places at once

    -when you ask if we can still be friends

    don’t mistake
    salt for sugar
    if he wants to
    be with you
    he will
    it’s that simple

    the rape will
    tear you
    in half
    but it
    will not
    end you

    you call me to tell me you miss me
    i turn to face the front door of the house
    waiting for a knock
    days later you call to say you need me
    but still aren't here
    the dandelions on the lawn
    are rolling their eyes in disappointment
    the grass has declared you yesterday's news
    what do i care
    if you love me
    or miss me
    or need me
    when you aren't doing anything about it
    if i'm not the love of your life
    i'll be the greatest loss instead

    you might like getting choked but sea turtles don't, so keep your FUCKIN plastic out of the ocean

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